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We exist to connect innovative global brands to the power of F1.

We combine relationships at the highest level of the sport together with 35 years of experience in the technology industry. 


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A 35-year technology industry veteran, Rob was named by Ernst & Young as its Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002. He started his career as a Formula 1 test car driver, for Ferrari for 5 years; from ’77 to ’81, and for the Le Mans series from ’81 to ’83. This start inspired his passion for building high-potential companies at a rapid pace. Rob launched his first start-up at age 25 and has since helped grow nine start-up companies and led four corporate restarts in his career in leadership roles. Rob has steered the helm of several technology companies as President and CEO. Recently, he served as CEO and President of Cygilant, a SOC-as-a-Service acquired by SilverSky, where he now serves as Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to his most recent role, Rob served as the CEO of Bradford Networks, a network security company acquired by Fortinet, and shortly before that, he was CEO of Clique Intelligence, a software platform for data sharing and collaboration technologies. In 2008, Rob was appointed SVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at HP Networking through its 2008 acquisition of Colubris Networks, where he helped the company ascend to a prominent position in the wireless LAN industry as President and CEO. In addition to being an active participant in the investment community, Rob is a member of the Board of Directors of Avid bank, a business bank providing innovative products and services. He also serves as an advisory board member for Ramp, Trilio Data, and Linius.

Give your brand the opportunity to benefit from the power of F1.

Prestige & Glamour

Partner with some of the world's most prestigious car brands, such as Aston Martin, and elevate your brand exposure.

Engage Target Audience

F1 has universal appeal around the globe, attracting 800 million fans during the season. Fans with huge spending power. Fans who also hold senior roles and the purse strings in businesses large and small.

A sport that pushes the limits of innovation and human performance.


Access to races, events, and custom experiences, that enhance your brand’s relationship with key customers and prospects.  

Thought Leadership

By bridging the gap between innovative brands and F1, there are multiple opportunities for brands to discuss how their innovative approach is driving change across the sport and across the globe. 

The sport of F1 has the following:



10 teams

20 drivers

10 months

23 races

800 million fans

Gaurav Chand

Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Cognizant

“Diversity and inclusion is at the core of Cognizant's values so it was important that we found an F1 partner that share our mission to promote a culture of diversity and equity on and off the track.


Lets Go Racing diligently aligned our values and fit with F1 teams, and introduced us to Aston Martin as they have a strong history of promoting diversity and inclusion amongst their workforce, fanbase, and partner community.”

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