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Cars driving around a circuit at sunset

Why Motorsport?

With its global reach, engaged audience, and diverse demographics, motorsport offers unparalleled opportunities to drive business growth whilst providing a dynamic platform for brand exposure and engagement.


From extensive television viewership to digital engagement on social media, a partnership in motorsport enables brands to reach millions of consumers worldwide. With the right strategic fit, a successful partnership can facilitate B2B opportunities, making it a powerful tool for expanding brand presence and driving commercial success.

Formula 1 has a larger global following than any other annual competition, with broadcasts in over 200 countries and territories, reaching a cumulative global audience of over 1.5 billion viewers annually.

Motorsport sponsorship offers extensive brand exposure, with logos prominently displayed on race cars, driver suits, team apparel, and trackside advertising.

Technology sponsor, AMD, mentioned in a recent Forbes article, that from solely looking at brand exposure, AMD's collaboration with Mercedes led to a 14.5X return on investment.

Effective motorsport sponsorship can deliver a positive ROI through increased brand visibility, and enhanced brand image, and over 70% of sponsors leverage their involvement in the sport to establish new business relationships.

The average length of a Formula 1 sponsorship deal is approximately 4.5 years, indicating the value that brands see in long-term partnerships with teams and the sport.

The Formula E and Extreme E series', feature electric-powered race cars, and attracts a younger and more environmentally conscious fanbase, providing brands with opportunities to align with sustainability initiatives and reach new demographics.​


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